If we want to address human needs in our communities,

why aren’t we using the best methods of providing for them?

Most human needs are
met through voluntary action.

Voluntary action is motivated by both mutual interest and kindness. The mutual interest is obvious whenever we buy, sell or trade something. The kindness is obvious whenever a friend or organization provides help.

Much of this action is organized through companies and charities.

These organizations have to earn the money they spend by providing what they promise to provide.

Less than one-quarter of all money spent on TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
(providing financial assistance for food, shelter, and utilities), goes to its intended recipients.

Not all public services are
provided this way.

Some public services are provided by the government, which doesn’t have to earn the money it spends. Its guaranteed revenue allows waste, poor outcomes and even corruption to go uncorrected over long periods.

In the worst cases, this creates victims at both ends.

Since we usually don’t identify – let alone direct our resources to – the best methods of providing public services, we create victims on both ends. Taxpayers pay more than necessary to provide the intended benefits to their communities. Users of public services and those who need social and economic support get much less than they otherwise would have for all the time and money spent on them.

We Do Better

We the People, unlike government, can only keep attracting resources for the purpose of helping others if we provide the outcomes that justify them. That is why, whenever We the People provide public services, so often, We Do Better.

Right now, in your community, there are organizations, groups, and people that are already doing just that.

We Do even Better when we identify them, help those who need their help get in touch with them, and direct more resources their way.

Let’s Empower the People.

Help us build a search engine to connect people in need with those who will help.

Every day, thousands of Americans need basic assistance but cannot find the organizations that can best help them. We are building a simple search engine where people can type in their location and needs, search 800,000+ social service organizations, and find some in their community that provide the help they need.

Help pass a law that allows the People to send our money where it is needed most.

The Universal Charitable Credit allows taxpayers to direct up to five hundred of their tax dollars to any qualified nonprofit in their city, county, or state. By allowing people to direct their tax dollars to organizations that “Do Better,” the UCC improves the quality, accessibility, and accountability of the public services in any community, helping all of us do even better.

Or provide help for those who need it the most.

In 2017, We Do Better Relief delivered 4 million pounds of supplies to the hurricane-devastated Caribbean, providing emergency, food, water, power, and medical supplies for areas hit by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. We Do Better and dozens of our nonprofit partners were the first on the ground after Hurricane Maria, and helped over 750,000 residents of Puerto Rico, Dominica, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) get critical food, water, and electricity. We’re now rebuilding Puerto Rico, providing solar powered wells and kitchens, and building renewable energy microgrids for neighborhoods in Puerto Rico who are still without power.

We need to start measuring our compassion by the good that we do – not the strength of our intentions or the money we spend doing more of the same things. That means using our resources in the most effective ways that deliver the best human outcomes.

That’s how We Do Better.

The Latest.

The We Do Better movement’s progress throughout America.

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