For the first time in seven years, Downsize DC — an organization devoted to limiting the size and scope of government — has thrown its weight behind a new piece of federal legislation: the Universal Charitable Credit (UCC).

Fashioned after Arizona’s “Charitable Tax Credit,” the UCC was developed by We Do Better to enable taxpayers to direct some of their tax dollars to nonprofit organizations that deliver public services.

“Sadly, public services of acceptable quality are not available to all Americans who need them,” said We Do Better Executive Director Dan Johnson. “Right now, the government gets most of our resources but doesn’t provide most of our public services. The UCC aims to help fix that.”

Once enacted, the UCC would allow taxpayers to send a portion of their federal tax dollars ($500 for individual filers and $1000 for married couples filing jointly) to any qualified nonprofit in the United States, thereby allowing taxpayers to receive a direct dollar-for-dollar reduction on their federal tax bill.

As Downsize DC points out, if we multiply that $500 or $1000 by millions of Americans, “the potential social impact is profound.” The success of the charitable tax credit in Arizona demonstrates that a UCC at the federal level has the potential to improve public services in local communities. Arizona has shown that when given the choice, people will “keep their tax dollars local” by giving to those organizations who provide the best services, which in turn makes those services even better.

By adding the UCC to its legislative agenda, Downsize DC is embracing the view that We the People, in fact, Do Better in the provision of public services. Downsize DC President Jim Babka and Vice President Perry Willis are urging their supporters to contact their representatives in Congress and demand that they introduce the UCC.

“Whether you lean liberal and would like better public services for those who need them the most, or lean conservative or libertarian and would like to see less government, this is a bill that truly represents ‘We the People,’” Babka and Willis wrote to their active DC Downsizers. “Do you think you could make spending decisions better than the politicians and bureaucrats? Here’s your chance to find out.”


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