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We Do Better is a movement of people who believe that our moral commitment to improving each other’s lives is more important than any ideological commitment to a particular method of doing so.

We are a movement of people who believe that providing the most accessible public services of the best quality for those who need them requires us to look at the ways we provide those services – and not just at the resources we put into them. Identifying those ways that deliver the best human outcomes requires us to be data-driven. But information is worth little without action. If you’re ready to join hands in a nationwide movement to Do Better for our communities, then this movement needs you.

Ready to get started?

Across the nation, Do Better teams are improving human outcomes by helping communities to find and fund the organizations that already Do Better in providing public services.

There are two simple steps. Throughout both, the Do Better team collects information on how much Better the organizations in its community Do – and exactly how they do it.  

Step 1: Find Those Who Do Better

What we do: Bring together like-minded people to find and make publicly available information on organizations in our communities that provide public services. Form coalitions with and of those organizations.

Why we do it: People cannot use services that they don’t know exist or they cannot find. Providing better human outcomes depends on enabling people to easily find the services they need when they need them. This strengthens the social safety net while increasing the likelihood that people bounce back from it – rather than get stuck in it.

How you do it where you are: Communicate with the NGOs in your area to find out the services they provide and the best way for people to access them. Make that information publicly available. Find out how and why they Do Better. We Do Better (National) will help you start by providing information about all registered NGOs in your area. Start with those closest to your passion.

Step 2: Fund Those Who Do Better

What we do: Pass the Universal Charitable Credit (UCC). The UCC is legislation fashioned after Arizona’s “Charitable Tax Credit” that allows taxpayers to direct up to five hundred of their tax dollars to any qualified nonprofit in their state.

Why we do it: To enable the people of a community to direct their tax dollars to organizations that deliver the best human outcomes.

How you do it where you are: Share the benefits of the UCC with your community’s NGOs, and bring them together, along with others in your community, as a political force to get the legislation passed. We Do Better (National) will provide you with sample legislation, assistance in building your coalition, and close guidance every step of the way to implementing the UCC in your community.

The Virtuous Cycle


Once a community knows where to access the best services, more people step up to help provide them, because their ability to do good becomes so clear. The information collected by the Do Better teams reveals best practices and motivates more organizations to implement them, improving the services provided. New volunteers and more resources pour into the best organizations.

In several communities in Arizona, where a charitable credit has been implemented, local NGOs have formed tax credit coalitions that enable donors to give and beneficiaries to find them more easily than ever before. This cooperation among charities enabled them to work together to help people with multiple issues, hugely improving human outcomes and the strength of the community’s safety net.

This is the cycle you set in motion when you choose to start a Do Better team in your community.

Margaret Mead famously said,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We already Do Better; this is how We Do even Better.

Join Us.

If you don’t feel you can get involved yet, please visit the Get Info page to get updates on the progress of the We Do Better movement.

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