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“While federal relief is still gaining traction in Puerto Rico, [Global Empowerment Mission, BStrong, and We Do Better] are sending supplies to the island, which are being put directly into the hands of the victims of Hurricane Maria.”

CBS Miami, October 16th, 2017



Our Story

When we say “We the People” do better, we mean it. Whenever we step up to deliver the best public services, we do better for our neighbors, even if they are a world away. When we saw the damage wreaked by Hurricane Harvey, we used our experience in disaster relief and logistics to set up a temporary command and dispatch center in Houston and started to assist with recovery efforts in and around the state of Texas.

With Hurricane Irma on the way, we set up teams in Miami, Tampa, and around the state of Florida, with warehouses and emergency supplies at the ready. When a weakened Irma made landfall in Southern Florida, our teams started distributing emergency supplies and assisting with cleanup efforts.

Then Hurricane Maria hit. 

After being hit by the full force of Hurricane Irma, the people of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the entire Caribbean were in no position to cope with the devastating effects of another storm. Nearly 100% of Puerto Ricans lost power, and the destruction on the islands of Dominica and the USVI was nearly unprecedented. Millions of people were left with little to no access to electricity, gas, food, or potable water. As lives were shattered and access to basic necessities rendered nonexistent, the agricultural and manufacturing economies of the Caribbean also came to a grinding halt. We redirected our teams in Florida and partnered with Global Empowerment Mission, Bethenny Frankel, Third Wave Volunteers, and YoNoMeQuito to deliver emergency supplies to the islands.

Thanks to generous donations from We the People — tens of thousands of Americans and people from around the world who donated supplies, time, and money — the BStrongGlobalBetter coalition has delivered. BStrongGlobalBetter has outfitted and delivered over 56 planes and shipped over 104 cargo containers of supplies to Puerto Rico, Dominica, St. Maarten, Haiti, the Bahamas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to date.

To ensure the delivery of those supplies to the people who needed them most, We Do Better Relief worked with an extensive network of local churches and organizations to bypass bureaucratic roadblocks and partisan politics. With a total of over 4 million pounds of aid delivered to hurricane-ravaged areas, We Do Better Relief and our partners orchestrated one of the largest private disaster relief operations in history.


So, what’s next?

We the People Do Better when we have the tools to sustain ourselves, our families, and our communities. Disaster supplies are a temporary band-aid that provide immediate relief, but that temporary relief does not create a foundation to rebuild upon. We Do Better Relief provides sustainable, long-term relief that gives people a stable foundation to rebuild their lives and prepares communities to handle future disasters better. If the people of Puerto Rico, Dominica, the USVI, and the rest of the Caribbean are given the tools to rebuild better, then we can build better communities, better islands, and a better, more prepared nation.

Your donations today will go toward collaborating with families and communities on the islands that are still unable to rebuild: bringing solar powered kitchens with hot food to areas that still do not have power, drilling new wells, helping communities create their own electric grids, building community farms, rebuilding homes, and rebuilding the entire Caribbean better than ever before.

In addition to providing life-saving relief, a portion of your donation will go toward allowing the people of Puerto Rico, the USVI, and the mainland U.S. to direct a portion of their tax dollars to organizations that provide the best rescue, relief, and public services to their communities and to those of their neighbors. This will help create a financially sustainable relief and aid network in the United States to ensure America is better prepared when the next disaster strikes. If you want to learn more about that mission, click here.

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