Statement of Values

We Do Better is a humanitarian movement, developed on some very simple principles. First among them is the universal principle of “do no harm”. This means that we favor improving lives in ways that do not make other lives more difficult.   

In particular, notwithstanding the right of people to follow their passions and choose freely whom to help, we believe that the provision of that help should never be at the expense of a group identified for political or other purposes. That holds true whether such a group be defined in terms of characteristics set at birth – such as skin color, family or educational background, or gender; or those acquired over a lifetime – such as religion or political preference.

We measure our compassion and success only by the good that we do, which is the positive difference we make in people’s lives – and not by our intent or even our effort.

To that end, it is important to acknowledge that in most cases, individuals are the best judges of their own well-being. It is also important to be data-driven. When we effect change, we seek information about the human impact of that change, and act on it by supporting only those means that produce the best results. We know that new data may change what we think we know, and we stay open to that possibility.

For all these reasons, our moral commitment to the best outcomes for users of public services precludes an ideological commitment to a particular method of providing those public services.

To the extent that the We Do Better movement engages in politics, it does so from the all-encompassing perspective that the only legitimate ends of all politics are people.

The “We Do Better” organization supports We the People who already Do Better, and those who want to help all of us do even better than we already do.

Please only seek our support or use the name, “We Do Better”, if you share the values outlined here.

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