The Universal Charitable Credit

The UCC, or Universal Charitable Credit, allows taxpayers to direct up to five hundred of their tax dollars to nonprofits that meet human needs in their city, county, or state. By allowing people to direct their tax dollars to organizations that “Do Better,” the UCC improves the quality, accessibility, and accountability of the public services in any community, helping all of us do even better.

The UCC enables the people of a community to direct their tax dollars to organizations that deliver the best human outcomes.

To see the success of the UCC’s precursor, the Arizona Charitable Credit, click here

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Fill the Gaps in Public Services

There are many areas where nonprofits fill in the gaps for government agencies. They can often provide immediate help, are closer to the community and the people they serve, and serve underserved or ignored communities, like religious minorities, LGBT+, and inner city youth. Giving them more resources to meet human needs will result in better public services for everyone.

Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse

Allowing taxpayers to direct a portion of their tax dollars allows them to support the nonprofit organizations that are most efficiently serving community needs, and gives the taxpayer a tool to address fraud, waste, and abuse of public dollars, by allowing them to send their tax dollars to the organization or entity that is delivering the best outcomes for the best price.

Increase community engagement

Involving people in where their taxes are directed increases community engagement with public services and with the process of governance. It has been shown in Arizona that people who choose to direct their dollars to organizations in their community have a higher chance of volunteering and more civic engagement in helping those who need the most.

Faster responses to crises

Governments currently perform many social functions that they aren’t necessarily best equipped to handle, and because of bureaucracy, often have a difficult time quickly responding to new crises, whereas local organizations are equipped and ready to assist the community. Allowing taxpayers to direct a portion of their tax dollars to those organizations that are best serving their communities will allow for quicker response to crisis situations and for governments to focus their resources on the problems a large governmental structure is best equipped to handle.

Bring Progressives together with Conservatives:

Progressives love the Universal Charitable Credit because it allows communities to focus their resources to the organizations who are delivering the best public services for that community, because it allows underserved and minority groups to fund programs that serve them, because it increases the power of people over special interests, and because it allows money to go directly to those organizations providing services for the people who need them the most.

Bring Conservatives together with Progressives

Conservatives love the Universal Charitable Credit because it allows the taxpayer to choose where some of their money is going, because it goes around bureaucracy, reduces waste, helps reduce government where government support is redundant to that of organizations, and ensures that more of every dollar is going to the people who actually need it.

Save the government money

Elected officials love the Universal Charitable Credit because it allows them to direct State resources to the programs that are operating most efficiently and effectively, while eliminating the programs in areas nonprofits are already meeting the need. This saves the government money overall, which elected officials can now invest in the most effective government programs or return the savings to the taxpayer.

Enact proven policy

For the past 20 years, the Arizona Charitable Credit has empowered Arizonans to direct $200 of their tax dollars to organizations that serve the impoverished. In 2016, over 130,000 Arizonans directed $52 million to over 800 nonprofits. The credit has been so well received that at the end of 2016, both Republican and Democratic Senators backed a bill to double the credit to $400 per person. The bill was signed by the Arizona Governor later that year.



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