The Universal Charitable Credit

The UCC, or Universal Charitable Credit, allows taxpayers to direct up to five hundred of their tax dollars to any qualified nonprofit in their city, county, or state. By allowing people to direct their tax dollars to organizations that “Do Better,” the UCC improves the quality, accessibility, and accountability of the public services in any community, helping all of us do even better.

The UCC enables the people of a community to direct their tax dollars to organizations that deliver the best human outcomes.


To see the success of the UCC’s precursor, the Arizona Charitable Credit, click here

Sample legislation for your state can be downloaded below.

If you are interested in legislation for a state, county or city, that isn’t shown, please contact us here.

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We believe that if we want to address the human needs in our communities, we should use the best methods of doing so. We believe that when we the people come together to address problems in our communities, We Do Better.
We know there are already dozens of organizations in our own communities that are ready to solve problems, if we simply work to support them. We know that We are the Solution. We know that We Do Better. If you believe what we do, join us.

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