If we want to address human needs in our communities,

why aren’t we using the best methods of providing for them?

There are thousands of organizations that meet human needs in the United States.

Food banks provide emergency food. Homeless shelters give someone a place to stay for the night. Free clinics provide healthcare for families. Hundreds of thousands of nonprofits and other organizations serve nearly every human need in the United States.

Many of these organizations deliver better outcomes than government programs.

These organizations have to earn the money they spend, ensuring that both those who pay for them and those who receive services get what they need. However, many Americans are not aware of these organizations, and these organizations often have a limited amount of resources to meet people’s needs.

We are connecting people in every community with organizations that do better.

If we are to improve outcomes for people in need, we must identify and connect people to the organizations that are delivering the best outcomes for human needs. We Do Better identifies, highlights, and connects people to those organizations in every community in the United States.

We are empowering people to send their tax dollars to organizations that do better.

For the past 20 years, the Arizona Charitable Credit has allowed people to direct a portion of their taxes to organizations that meet human needs in their communities. In 2016, it raised $52 million for over 800 Arizona charities. We are advocating for charitable credits in cities, counties, states, and nationwide.

We need to measure our compassion by the good that we do – not the strength of our intentions or the money we spend doing more of the same things. That means connecting people to, and supporting, the ways that deliver the best human outcomes. That is how we meet human needs in the United States.

That’s how We Do Better.

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No matter the human need, whether homelessness, poverty, healthcare, environmental protection, disaster relief, and more, the solution is We the People, because when we all work together to address human needs, "We Do Better".

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